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Personnel & Burden Carriers

Move key personnel and materials around your facility quickly, quietly and efficiently with the Taylor-Dunn line of commercial and industrial warehouse vehicles in Dallas and the Columbia ParCar Chariot. Read on for more information, check out the product in action or contact us to schedule a DEMO – contact us at 214.630.1375 or email sales@swmhc.com.

Taylor-Dunn Stepsaver

Because getting people where they need to go is vital to reducing costs and increasing efficiencies - save steps with the Taylor-Dunn Stepsaver.

Check out how your ROI on the Stepsaver can be less than 12 months!

Taylor-Dunn Burden Carriers

When versatility in load capacities, optional configurations, and performance is important to your operation, consider the Taylor-Dunn line of burden carriers which can carry up to 5,000 lbs. and tow loads up to 17,500 lbs.

Taylor-Dunn Stockchaser

1 Vehicle, 3 functions.

  1. Stockchaser
  2. Personnel carrier
  3. Maintenance Vehicle

With our line Stockchasers, warehouse vehicles in Dallas, you are getting a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency in warehousing applications. These narrow-aisle, highly maneuverable vehicles bring the operator closer to the material that needs to be picked. Equipped with (optional) stepladders, Stockchasers allow operators to pick materials from higher locations.

Columbia ParCar Chariot

"Aren't golf carts for the golf course?" Columbia ParCar's Chariot is an industrial solution designed to safely move your personnel. With PURE ELECTRIC power, a tight turning radius and fitting through a 30" doorway, the Chariot is 3x faster than walking.

Tow Tractors

Taylor-Dunn tow tractors are engineered to provide reliable, safe, cost-effective and maneuverable service in any towing application. The muscle of Taylor-Dunn's automotive drive train will allow its tractors to tow loads up to 30,000# in a mode that is emission free and quiet. With the cost benefits of utilizing electric vehicles, Taylor-Dunn tow tractors, like the popular CA-425 Tow Tractor, are the best way to go about your business.

See Taylor-Dunn's E-453 Tow Tractor in action!

Aviation Vehicles

Baggage Movement
Aviation Food Service
Aviation Courtesy Trams
Aviation Grounds and Maintenance
Luggage Cart Retrieval
Aviation Security

Campus Vehicles

Campus Athletic Department Vehicles
Campus Grounds and Physical Plant Maintenance Vehicles
Campus IT Department Vehicles
Campus Parking Vehicles
Campus Security Vehicles
Special-Needs Student Transport Vehicles

Convention Center Vehicles

Convention Center Courtesy Tram Vehicles
Convention Center First Response Vehicles
Convention Center Food Service and Catering Vehicles
Convention Center Grounds and Maintenance Vehicles
Convention Center Refuse Hauling Vehicles

Hospital Vehicles

Hospital Grounds and Facility Maintenance
Hospital Laundry and Catering
Moving Patients, Guests or Personnel
Hospital Security
Hospital Warehousing

Hotels Vehicles & Resort Vehicles

Bellman and Multi-Passenger Tram Vehicles
Hotel Food Service and Catering
Hotel Grounds and Maintenance
Hotel Housekeeping
Hotel Security

Manufacturing Vehicles

Manufacturing Container Handling
Manufacturing Crane Truck
Manufacturing First Response
Manufacturing Grounds and Facility Maintenance
Manufacturing Line Feed
Manufacturing People Movers
Manufacturing Security
Manufacturing Supervisor Transportation
Manufacturing Welding Department

Nursery Vehicles

Nursery Grounds and Maintenance
Retail Plant Delivery
Nursery Tour Vehicles
Nursery Towing Trailers and Carts

Residential Vehicles

Residential Grounds and Maintenance
Residential Refuse Hauling
Residential Security
Residential Tours

Warehousing Vehicles

Warehousing Grounds and Maintenance
Warehousing Order Picking
Warehousing Security
Warehousing Supervisor Transportation

Zoo Vehicles

Animal Care Vehicles
Zoo Courtesy Tram Vehicles
Zoo First Response Vehicles
Zoo Food Service and Catering Vehicles
Zoo Grounds and Maintenance Vehicles
Zoo Refuse Hauling Vehicles