Maximize Efficiency, Productivity & Profitability

When you choose Southwest Materials Handling Company, you can trust our experienced and knowledgeable experts to assist you in selecting the exact piece of equipment to suit your specific material handling needs.

JLG lift in a lumber store

We offer a wide range of material handling equipment that helps you reduce operating costs while simultaneously increasing your productivity. Whether you are moving personnel, inventory, or equipment around your warehouse or facility, Southwest Materials Handling Company has the equipment to make the job easier and more efficient. We proudly carry equipment brands that possess solid reputations for superiority, including Taylor-Dunn, Columbia Vehicles, and JLG.

We serve the Dallas-Ft. Worth and North Central Texas area and are available to provide a free on-site assessment of your facility to advise how you can save precious time and money in your operations with the right equipment for your facility. Contact us today!