Komatsu pneumatic forklift

Komatsu A Strong Name For Strong Forklifts

Komatsu has been manufacturing quality, heavy-duty equipment for nearly a century.

Today, the Komatsu name is recognized as one of the world’s largest and most-respected equipment manufacturers. Utilizing the knowledge and technologies from the construction division, Komatsu forklifts are engineered to provide durability, dependability and performance throughout their lifetime.

Komatsu manufacturers a complete line of forklifts for a wide variety of material handling application needs including internal combustion (IC) cushion and pneumatic lift trucks, electric sit-down rider forklifts and narrow aisle reach trucks. Some of the features built into Komatsu forklifts includes clean air technology for today’s and tomorrow’s CARB requirements, comfort™ zone ergonomics increasing operator productivity and safety, as well as, exceptional product engineering.

In addition to being ready to tackle most any application required, Komatsu forklifts are a solid investment decision. The budget-friendly lift trucks provide greater value both through lower operating costs and the lifetime return on investment (ROI).

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IC Pneumatic AX50

IC Pneumatic Forklifts:

AX50 Series, CX50 Series, FH Series, DX50 Series, EX50 Series

IC Cushion BX50

IC Cushion Forklifts:

The award-winning BX50 Series: tough, reliable, efficient (IC) cushion tire Komatsu forklifts

Electric AM50

Electric Riders:

AM50 Series, BBX50 Series, FR50 Series 

Narrow Aisle FR50

Narrow Aisle:

FR50 Series: single and double efficient electric warehouse reach trucks

Southwest Materials Handling Company is proud to be your authorized North Texas Komatsu forklift dealer. Our unmatched customer satisfaction in new and used material handling equipment sales, service and rental offerings means no matter the size of your operation, we can keep your equipment up and running to make sure your fleet and facility are operating at its peak efficiency.

To learn more about Komatsu rugged, dependable, versatile forklifts be sure to call or contact Southwest Materials Handling Company today. One of our forklift experts will review your application needs, make recommendations and get you the information needed to make an informed investment decision.