forklift batteries charging

Forklift Battery & Charger Solutions

Southwest Materials Handling Company is a leading provider of forklift batteries and chargers for industrial and commercial applications including the material handling and construction industries. We provide forklift power solutions designed to save your facility time, money and improve your overall operational efficiency.

Southwest Materials Handling Company will equip you with well managed battery power processes to improve productivity, efficiency, lower operating costs and increase safety. We partner with you to meet your needs on time and on budget.

When your operation depends on a heavy-duty battery and charging solution, a system that can stand up and deliver even under the most punishing conditions, you can depend on Southwest Materials Handling Company to provide you with the battery and charging solutions that will meet even the most demanding needs of your facility.

We want to be your source of industrial batteries and chargers. Southwest Materials Handling Company has a thorough understanding of the quality power solutions you demand, and the experience and personnel available to install, service, and repair every aspect of your lift truck battery fleet. 

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