columbia electric vehicles

Increase Productivity With Columbia Electric Vehicles

Time is money. And, if your managers and staff spend time walking around your plant facility, it may be time to consider Columbia Vehicles.

Getting materials, tools and technical personnel to critical areas are improved with the use of industrial vehicles, utility vehicles and burden carriers. These units come in many different configurations made for specific application needs.

Southwest Materials Handling Company offers the complete Columbia Vehicles line. Tough, dependable, efficient and long lasting are the words customer's use to describe Columbia products.  With a complete line of electric and gasoline powered burden carriers, personnel carriers, and tow tractors, Columbia Vehicles provides a complete solution for your industrial and commercial transportation needs.

Columbia Vehicles manufactures a broad line of commercial and industrial vehicles which are used to transport goods and personnel. Columbia responds to specific customer needs and has the ability to create, design, and manufacture vehicles for precise customer solutions. Columbia strives to meet customer's expectations and help aid in improving the environments of the material handling industry.

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columbia electric vehicles

Southwest Materials Handling Company wants to help you maximizes your productivity through the use of personnel carriers. For more information on how any industrial vehicle, personnel carrier, utility truck or burden carrier can help your company’s productivity, contact Southwest Materials Handling Company today!