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Mezzanine Systems Taking Space Solutions To New Heights

It’s time to move on up to take advantage of that upward space in your facility. Warehouse mezzanines take vertical storage to new heights and provide bountiful untapped storage solutions for material handling warehouses.

Warehouse mezzanine systems take maximum advantage of the height of a facility with the ability to more than double or triple the surface area. Adding a mezzanine can be the most economical way to increase warehouse space without the cost of a conventional building expansion.

At Southwest Materials Handling Company, our warehouse storage professionals want to help optimize your space. As with all of our warehouse solutions, mezzanines are designed to promote maximum use of your space. What makes mezzanines so attractive is their flexibility and ability to not only adapt to your changing needs, but their capability to create new storage space and other needed space in and around other structures in your warehouse.

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warehouse mezzanine

Mezzanines are designed to go up and to work over and around machinery and other structures in your warehouse. Mezzanines have a variety of uses aside from pallet and product storage, including as office space and rooms for storage of sensitive and valuable items, such as records and tools. This type of flexibility and use of available space boosts your bottom line. Built with durability in mind, mezzanines can be dismantled and rebuilt over and over again for use in different functions as needed.

Besides taking advantage of existing space by providing more vertical space, mezzanines offer other benefits, including:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Custom options available for all applications
  • Suitability for working with a variety of other shelving and storage components

When designing a mezzanine, the access-ways, work systems, products and handling methods are carefully considered for accurate planning. They can be completely disassembled, all parts re-used, and the structure, dimensions and location can easily be modified.

At Southwest Materials Handling Company, we bring years of warehouse storage experience to the table. We have experts to help you maximize and optimize your material handling warehouse space. Contact us today to find out the best solutions for your application needs.