Forklift Training Classes

Due to Covid Our Classes Have Been Cancelled at This Time

To ward off potential accidents and risk of deaths in the work environment, OSHA mandates that each operator be trained and certified on each forklift that they will be using. The trainers at Southwest Materials Handling Company are here to assist you in assuring that each of the operators working with forklifts in your business are all trained for the safety of not only the operator of the equipment but for other employees, as well.

Man on forklift

On-Site Operator Training Course

This course offers convenience and is scheduled during your employees normal working hours. Employees will be trained and certified to operate the equipment that is presently being used in your facility, and a certificate will be delivered to the employees upon successful completion.

Man training on pallet jack use

Train the Trainer Course

Upon completion of this course, one of your employees will be certified as a forklift safety operator trainer and will be qualified to conduct forklift operator training and certify operators at your business. Many business owners prefer the option of being able to conduct trainings in-house on their own schedule as opposed to having to outsource their operator training.

Hiring the experts at Southwest Materials Handling Company to train your employees will give you peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your employees and the investment in your equipment, and are helping to run a smoother and more efficient business.

Whether you choose to utilize our on-site operator training or train the trainer course, you can count on the experience and competency of Southwest Materials Handling Company to deliver the necessary training required for your employees to safely and efficiently operate your forklift and other material handling equipment. To schedule your operator for one of our training courses, contact Southwest Materials Handling Company today.