Warehouse fan

Industrial HVLS Fans Provide Savings & Comfort

No matter the season, industrial HVLS fans are an excellent solution to assist with heating and cooling your warehouse or facility efficiency. Providing a pleasant environment for workers and customers provides a caring experience.

Industrial HVLS fans go way beyond just heating and cooling and comfort. In the winter, hot air from heating a facility rises. Warm air wastes away trapped at the ceiling of your warehouse, reduce heating costs during the winter by pairing your HVAC system with industrial HVLS fans. During the warmer weather, fans have always been an obvious choice.

Southwest Materials Handling Company represents MacroAir HVLS industrial fans. For incredible efficiency at minimal cost, MacroAir industrial HVLS fans are the perfect addition to your warehouse.

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By providing high volume air at lower speeds, MacroAir provides less wear and tear on the fan, leading to a higher efficiency cooling effect and a 30% savings on cooling. And in the colder weather save up to 20% on heating costs with MacroAir HVLS fans.

For a small investment, the industrial fans can provide energy savings, economic saving and improve the work conditions of your warehouse. Contact a Southwest Materials Handling Company representative today to learn how HVLS fans can increase air movement and decrease heating costs.