Lift Tables

Ergonomic Lifting Solutions For Better Safety

Keeping the work place safe and reducing operator injuries are just two reasons to implement ergonomic lifting solutions at your facility. Many material applications still require employees hands on involvement with lifting, positioning and transportation of loads, pallets, containers and other heavy or bulky goods. Lifting equipment can help make faster work of repetitive tasks while improving safety and operator ergonomics.

The material handling industry has seen many advancements in technology over recent years. Ergonomic lifting equipment has also been involved in this trend. Traditional lift aides such as lift tables, scissor tables, palletizing equipment and dock lifts are all still helpful with conventional material handling tasks. High tech vertical positioning solutions are also available to improve workflow for many logistics applications.

Southwest Materials Handling Company is proud to be an authorized distributor of the Southworth’s Products, the world largest manufacturer of ergonomic material handling equipment. Contact Southwest Materials Handling Company today for more information of how ergonomic lifting solutions can increase productivity and improve safety at your operation.

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