Warehouse Dock

Loading Dock Equipment

Southwest Materials Handling Company is your source for loading dock equipment. We offer a complete line of loading dock products for both warehouse and manufacturing applications.

Having the quality dock equipment at your facility helps maximize productivity and promote safety. There are many advantages to employing good dock equipment, including:

  • Keeping safety of employees, vendors and visitors as a priority
  • Ensuring product is handled correctly during loading and unloading
  • Providing security of your facility
  • Projecting an image of a company that cares for its assets

In the material handling industry, there is an emphasis on forklift safety for operators as well as pedestrians. By their very nature, docks are busy places with coming and going of goods, people and equipment. The high traffic area makes it a potential hot spot for accidents. Using the proper dock equipment goes a long way to making sure your dock is safe for all.

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dock plate

Boards, Levelers & Plates

Because truck trailer heights vary, making sure your dock is level with the back of the trailer is imperative for safety and product best practices handling.

dock bumper

Dock Bumpers

Prevent damage to one of your costliest assets by installing dock bumpers to prevent trucks and trailers from impacting your docks.

yard ramp

Yard Ramps

The ideal solution for loading and unloading when a loading dock isn't available.

dock seal

Seals & Shelters

What’s inside your warehouse is most valuable, whether that’s people or products. Protect your assets by keeping the environment, including weather, dust and pests, out with dock seals and shelters.

Keeping your dock area safe not only projects an image of a company that cares about its people and its assets, it actually is imperative for safety. Southwest Materials Handling Company can also service all brands of industrial docks equipment.

Contact a Southwest Materials Handling Company professional to learn more about our dock equipment products and services.